FLYING the flag for America and here to brighten up your day is, Memoryy, with newest offering, Feeling Sinister.

Shaun Hettinger took on the Memoryy pseudonym back in 2013 and this synth-pop track has become the result of two years of solid work.

The artwork is bedecked with waves and a surfer, and is a sure indication of what to expect, this track is beachy, tropical and is begging to be played in the sunny resort in Brighton.

Overflowing with jaunty, synthetic beats, playful lyricsm and even fanfares from a horn section, the lively energy of this track kicks off straight away.

The instantly memorable repeating of  “oh eh oh eh oh eh oh” chants, set the bar high as Hettinger’s flawless vocals cavort with the high notes of the chorus. With an infectious vocalism and jovial tones, we're presented with a track that could've been plucked straight from a top-ten chart of the 80’s. This track is the perfect antidote to brighten up this dismal British summer.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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