TAKING on a decade of bell-bottoms and tassels, London trio, Lupo are another psych band who could be shaking a few feathers in our direction.

With long, flowing hair and suede on denim, the threesome are not only making a fashion statement but rather an extremely clear wave of psychedelia, or 'Moonshine chic' as the band so aptly call it.

Unsigned, Lupo are really proving what artists are doing without the attachment of a label, however, The Music Manual are sure that this relationship status shan't remain much longer with the increasing publicity around them.

Born this year, the trio have built a strong foundation with their debut, self-produced track, It's Another Day, which fed the cravings of the industry's most die-hard socialites.

The track exploits the sound as being hip and celestial, with the idea that extortionate introductions will aid the softly strained vocalism to gnaw at the overlaid synthetics.

Eastern tuned instruments are the highlight of this number, adding to its liberated persona. The track itself yearns for space, expanding as it shimmers its way out of the speakers and into the minds eye. Unconstrained harmonies seep through as a glorified sci-fi tinges pulsate with a light-hearted beat.

It's Another Day concludes for the shortfall of Summer, keeping us ticking over for another two seasons. Perhaps a little out there, Lupo still have a psych sound that can vary from each track, it'd be great to see a bit more fire in future material.

Words Lauren Jones


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