Orange Vision

BEGINNING two-years ago in Oxford, Orange Vision are a modern band living in the 1990's.

The brainchild of frontman, Edmund Quigley and lead guitarist, Matthew Halford quickly drew bassist Daniel Jones along with drummer, Jacob Mott to gravitate towards the idea. Since then, the quartet have developed a ridiculously cool style to match their slow burning sound.

Already gaining the support of the likes of NME, BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music, the foursome have also received praise from Matt Wilkinson, Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq, showing just how they've come along in their short existence.

Latest release, double A-side EP, “Dark Around The Eyes” and “Wish You Were Orange”, is the first real mark they've stamped firmly on underground music.

Intro track, Dark Around The Eyes, has a straight up nineties sound similar to that of The Cure, tainted with a modern edge. Reverberating guitar tones matched with Quigley's soft wailing vocals make this track nostalgic wrapped in summer tones to provide and ethereal experience. Three minutes gone and here we are presented with a psychedelic interlude, tapping into the sixties fascination with Indian music.

The adeptly named, I Wish You Were Orange, opens to a set of muffled giggles and spaced out riffs sharing similarities with Tame Impala. Slow and hazy, building momentum to induce endless guitar rolls and pulsing symbols. Again, an undeniable nineties vibe shines through, reinforced by a Jarvis Cocker, Sorted for E’s & Wizz, styled slur fittingly ending the number.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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