The Vryll Society

FANCY taking a dip into an extremely sickly type of psychedelic krautrock? Liverpool quintet, The Vryll Society provide the substance that sticks to your tongue like that stale piece of chewy that you refuse to spit out.

Tantalising references to the likes of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays abet the sound of slightly older artisans such as Embryo and Amon Düül, highlighting what this fivesome do best.

Signed to Deltasonic, their debut release, Deep Blue Skies, was dropped on 17th July into a mass of sheer hysteria within the North Western circuit.

With a couple of exciting sets nestled under their belts at the likes of Soundcity and Festevol, both their name and style is starting to spread around the UK, with mentions on the likes of NME and XFM.

Deep Blue Skies is a track which burns from the inside out. Like a migraine refusing to let go, the everlasting instrumental curdles your thoughts, bewitching and ethereal, the sound is so out there that listeners could lose themselves for days.

A hushed vocalism matched with a rippling set of soft chords to introduce, becoming elephantine when matched with the oh-so necessary beat. This romanticising sound slowly pulsates a haze of hypnotic idleness, sucking all artificial life out to leave innate shells of what used to be.


Want to see more of The Vryll Society? Be sure to check out their October tour to see if they're rocking up near you. 

Words Lauren Jones


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