COMING to Liverpool's Magnet on 16th October, Stoke quartet Delamere have seen themselves become natives in almost every Northern city and since an explosive set at Dot to Dot festival, even London have tried to lay claim on our electro-rock foursome.

Earlier on this year Delamere offered us EP, Bright Young Things but now, after extensive reworking, are pleased to provide Heart, their brand new single due for release Friday 9th October.

Courtesy of Scruff of the Neck Records, Heart feasts on sluggish drums that bloom into an array of warmth as synths connect with front-man James Fitchford's yearning vocalism. At times, the vocals drown within majestic guitar chords but remain heavenly throughout.

Bestowing a regal essence upon the lyricism, a yearning bass throbs at the thought of expanding yet fails to do so, perhaps the only anti-climax of the whole charade,

The single is a piece of sheer beauty, modelling on mild mod-psychedelia whilst really working the electronica vibe. Delamere's promise of a debut album cannot come soon enough.

Words Lauren Jones


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