Robert Chaney

By Tom Medwell
SELF-proclaimed, Southern Gothic creator, Robert Chaney is set to release debut album, Cracked Picture Frames on 19th October, courtesy of Jagged Lines Records.

Blessed with the beautiful rawness from early Bob Dylan material, spiced with modern alternatives such as Jack White, the Florida-born musician has one of the most gripping sounds of 21st Century.

Now based in London, Chaney recorded Cracked Picture Frames at Regal Lane Studios, producing a album packed with wholesome ballads picked from the heart of the deep South.

Each track holds blossoming country chords feeding writhing lyricisms, providing deeper meaning to Chaney's hefty set of vocals.

More specifically, tracks such as Black Eyed Susan and Patch it Up have a sweet harmony boiling within raw darkness, so powerful it paints a wild-west showdown.

Politic folklore, just like Dylan, track, Does Your Love Pay Out In Full? falls into an instrumental chaos with constant overlays rivalling revolutionary prangs, softly cooing within conflicting irony.

The stripped-back anthems give out a bountiful of power, without a big-band behind him, Chaney can control listeners with a wickedly cruel roll of the tongue and a sweet, sweet set of virgin chords. Innocence falls upon a swooning crowd as the meaning of each track bellows within an organic instrumental, holding greater meaning than any commercial track ever could.

Words by Lauren Jones


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