Saint Agnes

A cooky London quartet, Saint Agnes are bearing gifts of Gothic-Western inspired music, quaking in spur clad boots - even their SoundCloud is crammed with dark rocking tracks that lasso back in time to a dusty old saloon.

One track in particular, Roadhouse Blues, is straight from a spaghetti western stand off, lurking harmonicas ooze from the backdrop of bluesy acoustic guitar and eerie twinkles from an organ.

Old Bone Rattle is another well known number. This bar brawl worthy song has been branded as “defiant rock‘n’roll graffiti”.

With most recent release, A Beauiful Day For Murder, gaining coverage with clothing giants Fred Perry and a multitude of music critics, Saint Agnes are on course to end 2015 with a sound that Dead Weather would be proud of.

Back in the studio once more, this band are truly putting the hours in and my, how it's paying off.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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