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SWEDISH-Latin quintet, Sudakistan are set to release their debut album, Caballo Negro via PNKSLM Recordings on 20th November.

Currently based in Stockholm but having members hailing from South America, Sudakistan have allowed their backgrounds to influence their sound dramatically.

With almost unique identity, their sound is a potent mixture of traditional percussion and trashy modern psych-rock.

Their latest offering, Concrete Djungle, provides sure indication as to what to expect from their debut.

A punky introduction abuses repeating riffs, combining with yelping harmonies providing insane pulsations from the beat. The grainy vocals, booming over the track like a tannoy, a hypnotising sci-fi inspired interlude at 1.05 teases elements of anarchy.

Be sure to pre-order Sudakistan's debut, Caballo Negro by clicking here.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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