MALTESE songstress, Berne is set to release her debut EP, Conversation on 13th November.

Now based in London, Berne is focusing on solo work after reaching double chart success fronting the award-winning band, Bletchley Park.

Conversation is sure to solidify Berne's grasp on the British market.

Focusing on a witchy sound, Berne's vocalism has an enchanting harmony, evoking the same eerie feeling as infamous artists such as Kate Bush and Regina Spektor,

Romanticised gothic piano keys chime around introductory track, The Scene. Highly dramatised, Berne's vocalism shines through like the sun at dawn on a crisp winter's morning.

Once mellowed from the first number, the other tracks shock in their vivacious manner. Lights and Espresso-Oh belong on the West End and closing track, In The Woods puts a spooky twist upon the EP, the more ghoulish the better.

The EP could be a soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster, its indie charm would tease a desperate, lengthy tale, arguably a perfect track for the rolling credits of a James Bond smash-hit.

Words Lauren Jones


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