Bud Sugar

Quintet, Bud Sugar, have made quite the name for themselves in their home-town of Hull.

Well known equally for their guerilla marketing techniques, they recently took part in a quirky collaboration with Stagecoach, boarding buses and playing live to surprised and delighted commuters.

 Describing their sound as ‘cod head skank’  - a mix of high octane reggae infused music, their latest release, Blinkin’ Thinkin, is a showcase of just how infectious and fresh that sound is.

With a chirpy melody and a catchy tempo that will get toes tapping, it is the perfect backdrop to the punk attitude. Mixing harmonies and rap to produce a witty and insightful dialogue on modern day society.

Made up of Bacary Bax, STAN, Dyl, Live Lans and Reason, these are a bunch of skilful musicians with a feel for a groove and brutal honesty.

Words Jenni Kickhefer


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