LMW Featuring Telegram // 28th October 2015

LIVERPOOL Music Week is well within its tenth year of operation and Telegram's headline stint at The Shipping Forecast on Wednesday night, it proved just how important the indoor festival has become.

First to release their astral sound upon the crowd were local trio, The Floormen.

Continuous screeches of raw genius left many feeling disbelief, falling for the long-winded instrumentals that faded out alongside distant, slurred vocals. The crowd fell depleted when they scuffled off stage, a quick thank you and that was it. An abrupt end to a set needing very little introduction.

A larger mass had gathered for Ohmns, pushing us all further to the epicentre of the room.

Starting off with a few hushed words and a toing and froing from the sound-booth, they were set. Hefty riffs were met with a screaming vocalism, with heavy feedbacks from amps and insane swaying from the audience, Ohmns provided the DIY factor,

Sweat dripped from the ceiling by the time one of the most acclaimed quartets, Strange Collective strolled to their platform, a crowd favourite was latest single, Sun, providing a hallucinogenic trip to proceedings.

Ending their set with a stage-invasion from the Ohmns lads, it was clear they have worked their way up to become something much greater, than the average band around the block, so much hype at the minute made their set one truly unforgettable appearance, parting ways to allow London based headliners, Telegram to take their rightful place.

Strutting to the spotlight, Telegram stumbled through their set, throwing rough riffs at the audience combined strained vocals that seemed hushed within the acoustics of the basement. Dripping with scuzzed chords and throbbing beats it was impossible to not stand still throughout the commotion they single-handedly caused.

Many were converted Telegram followers by the end of the night, who could blame them? After recently announcing a UK Tour in February next year, along with the release of their self-titled debut album, next year is definitely one to be watchful of.

Running seamlessly from set to set, Liverpool Music Week pulled out all the necessary stops to provide a night that shall not be forgotten any time soon.

- Till next year, LMW.

Words Lauren Jones


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