Inspired & the Sleep

Hailing from San Diego, Inspired & the Sleep dropped latest release, Eyelid Kid on 27th October after a successful Kickstarter campaign, resulting in over $2,000 of funds for the new EP.

With a passion for psych-pop and lo-fi, the pair are creating music widely accepted by the common market, clearly exploited within Eyelid Kid.

The EP itself is 22 minutes of intoxicating synthesised bliss, showcasing the abilities of front man Max Greenhalgh and partner-in-crime, Bryce Outcault.

Oozing electro elements with infamous 80s rhythms, all featured tracks are the epitome of Indie Americana. In My Labyrinth Mind shares similarities with the works of Bombay Bicycle Club, softly boarding upon a folk train.

Inspired & the Sleep hold the responsibility of keeping the commercial aspect of indie-synth-folk alive, a project to keep in mind when venturing to 2016's Summer festivals.

Words Siobhan Corcoran 


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