Lucern Raze

VISITING Liverpool earlier on this year for the International Festival of Psychedelia, Stockholm trio, Lucern Raze are a set of rough magicians ready to unleash an undeniable roughly concocted catalogue upon us.

Releasing debut album Stockholm One earlier on this year, their latest EP Happy & Astray proves just how much work Lucern Raze are putting in to their corrupted sound.

One track in particular, The Snarl, taken from the EP is a sample of how music should sound when choking on commercialism. 

Spluttering with a senseless eeriness The Snarl possesses a gutsy beat with roaring chords that are scuzzed up to their eyeballs. With an echoed vocalism ripples through the forcible instrumental, provoking a headache from Satan himself. Electrifying but wild the track chews any 'soft' emotions and spews a tale of numbness and complete self-absorption.

Other tracks such as Cheep Speed and Baby J share a darkening quality complete with a cherry on top. Cheep Speed is romanticised sweetness, sucked up by a sci-fi overlay with Baby J becoming a bumpy journey over a set of light-hearted chords that swerve past nasally imbalanced vocals.

Featuring on Line of Best Fit and becoming NME's Buzz Band of the Week, Lucern Raze are gaining quite the reputation for themselves. Be sure to get your copy of Happy & Astray now by following the links below.

Words Lauren Jones


  1. wow great piece, thanks for introducing me to a great band Music Manual !