The Tip

NASHVILLE quartet, The Tip produce a hefty blues style of Glam Rock, modelling themselves on greats such as The Rolling Stones and Kiss.

Starting out over two years ago, the four have toured the US East Coast with Hollywood's Hammered Satin, whilst releasing a four-track EP and becoming the recipients of two awards both for 'Best New Artist of 2014' from IndieVille TV and New Deli Nashville.

Releasing their debut, self-titled album this Summer solidified a place on the independent rock scene of America.

An album of sheer bliss, each track rolls with harmonicas and bottomless beats.

Front-man, Benny Carl uses a raw vocalism similar to that of Rod Stewart and Paul Stanley to roar a gutsy lyricism shown clearly in track All I Need. Mixing filthy chords from Ricky Dover, Jr. and kooky keys to open up the tasty world of an old school 'Rock Star' lifestyle, All I Need has the power to single-handedly revive a seemingly declining interest in the genre.

There's a sense of not taking things too seriously, messing around but providing an excellent soundtrack to abuse the system through the use of audacious riffs and IDGAF lyrics.

Other tracks such as More, More, More and Welcome To The Night are hefty offerings, paying homage to ACDC with a mouth-watering bass line from Drew Uldrich whilst Rock n' Roll Man has ties with Bowie's The Jean Genie and the whole back-catalogue of T.Rex, abusing  Dixie Carl's pacing drums, tantamount to the big-roller sound oozing from the album.

Be sure to grab your copy of their debut album by clicking here.

Words Lauren Jones


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