Photo credit: Keira-Anee Photography
Don’t let the name put you off this Hull foursome.

Being together for less than a year, Vulgarians are already turning heads, gaining numerous festival slots with their aggressive grunge, post punk tunes.

Wet Juice, their debut single released last month followed two successful demo releases.

A hypnotic bass introduction creates a dark atmospheric sound, building in pace and aggression with crashing cymbals and relentless guttural vocals.

Frontman, Ryan Wilson-Preen said how the track: ‘delves into areas of negativity, anxiety and depression within the task of daily routines and the people that surround them.’

Their sound is as addictive as much as it breathes fiery attitude that is reminiscent of The Dead Kennedys and Nirvana, watch the video below.
Their intense stage presence has earned them a support slot on The Wytches UK Winter tour, be sure to catch them live.

Words Jenni Kickhefer


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