Snuff Redux

AROMATIC lo-fi makers, Snuff Redux all the way from Seattle are creating music that causes the whole of the Atlantic to shake.

Beginning over two years ago, the foursome re-awoke music senses through fantasised screams and gutsy beats, forcing a new-wave garage down the throats of indie music cravers.

Recording in around five sessions, their latest four-track EP, Besides You is perfect for any hazy day, offering another perspective on life's trials and tribulations.

Throwing around noise varieties from the likes of the Beach Boys and Wavves, tracks such as How Could It Be scream and shout for undivided attention, embracing a distant echo with each flick of the tongue and vibration of guitar chords.

Loose in body, the tracks roar with changing tides, evoking americana vibes whilst soothing out the corrupt edges of pop. Track Anyway has doses of garage punk whereas I'm Losing has nods to Plastic Bertrand and Sex Pistols.

Take a listen to the EP below.

Words Lauren Jones


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