Blonde Bunny

PICKED as one of The Music Manual's 30 bands for 2016, London quartet, Blonde Bunny have been sitting on new material for quite some time, keeping listeners eagerly waiting since the release of previous single, While We're Sleeping back in 2014.

Self-described as melodramatic pop, the Blonde Bunny sound has most definitely developed its own limbs, going beyond reams of meaningful lyricisms and killer soundtracks - there's certainly a refreshing existence from the foursome.

Receiving airplay on BBC 6 and constantly gigging around the capital, a sense of gutsy freedom rises as Blonde Bunny lie above the humdrum of London's bustling music arena.

Latest home-produced offering, Loreta abducts a kooky weariness, encompassing a far-out world of psychedelic synth madness wrapped up in a tight Blonde Bunny bundle.

A heightening set of vocals chase a burly beat shaking under the careless gaze of trembling guitar chords. Daringly haunting, the video adds more mystery to the four lads, creating a desperate lust for a corrupt world.

Catch Blonde Bunny live at Blackout on 29th April or at London's Moth Club on 3rd May, more information can be found here.


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