October Drift

QUICKLY rising through the indie ranks in 2015, Somerset based, October Drift.

Dropping their huge track, Whoever, stirred the interest of avid music listeners with having an anomalously anonymous social media presence.  

As a result of their successful “publicity stunt”, the foursome have had immense recognition from nationals including; BBC Radio, Q Magazine and Clash.

Subsequently signing to Scruff Of The Neck Records and set to release their debut EP Stranger Days on March 25th they will be taking to Maguire’s Pizza Bar courtesy of Yeah Buddy! and Electric Harmony.

Leading track, Stranger Days jump-starts with a thundering intro, subsiding lightly to make way for front-man Kiran Roy’s lead vocals.The track peaks, drops and is played with full force as it makes its way to a breakneck climactic conclusion.

Other tracks to wet your whistle with include Losing My Touch and Champagne, who explore this desperate tonality that seeps from the onset.

Following the release is a soon-to-sell-out 15 date tour, ending at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival. 

Preorder Stranger Days on iTunes here.

Words Siobhan Corcoran


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