Cosmic Warlord

REGRETTABLY metal music hardly makes its way onto The Music Manual radar, however, Liverpool based fivesome offer up an accessible taster into the dark genre.

Starting out last year, Cosmic Warlord have a small local presence, playing only a couple of shows in the Zanzibar and The Magnet, however rarely venturing out of the Seel street area.

Their on-stage persona has a personality of its own, forging their name on Liverpool's bustling scene.

Offering a ridiculously satisfying wave of kooky metal, their debut track, Jerry's Trip to The Carnival has more of a commercial accessibility, leaving it very much open to a wider audience.

ACDC meets Kiss splashes under a classic heavy rock gaze with fast pace guitar contrasted with mysteriously slowed riffs. The speculative vocals range from scream to spoken word in a matter of seconds, adding a highly tasty slant on the whole bracketed Metal genre.

Warning, listening may take you to another dimension.

Definitely ones to watch this year, Cosmic Warlord are here to stay.

Words Lauren Jones


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