Queen Zee and The Sasstones

THE quest to find true punk died a long time ago when the genre witnessed a shift to commercialised eighties pop quickly divulging into the popularity of grunge.

But, in 2016, Liverpool based threesome, Queen Zee and The Sasstones have shown that they are the mutators of modern sass punk.

A wretched set of lyrics intoxicated with a dirty sense of humour surround the trio in a surreal drama. Their exhilarating world of a pink punk brings a sensual sound to the forefront of the underground industry.

It's an insult to call this band brave, they're ingenious. Using humour to totally obliterate preconceptions and throwing all 'posers' off the Sasstone scent.

On paper, their home-grown demos are good but witnessing them live is another story.

Jumping on stage as part of the Pink Punk Party, last Saturday there were no introductions in sight.

No time for small talk, front-man Zach Jones aka Queen Zee, thrusted himself on stage, roaring Beastie Boy classic, Fight For Your Right, stripping off as he clambered over amps and speakers just to roar out a plethora of screeching notes.

Lobbing his body directly at the crowd to the amazement of drummer and bassist, Jay Donovan (aka Lil Funions), Queen Zee took quite the beating, taking one in the chops, busting a lip. Through all of this, an incredible sound proceeded, catching the entire audience off guard.

Guitarist Jason Taylor-Brown (aka Grand Master Sass) rocked an understated gaze before Queen Zee was at it again, causing havoc by smashing up his Flying V guitar and strutting straight off stage, bringing a now eerie silence amongst a few crowd jeers who couldn't wait for the next appearance.

The set may have been a meagre three tracks, but the energy certainly projected a longevity which struck harder than any set length would do.  

Words Lauren Jones


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