Tom Adams

BERLIN based composer, Tom Adams is set to release brand new EP, Voyages By Starlight on 6th May courtesy of Kowloon Records.

One afternoon was all it took to record the 5-track EP, with each tune masking an immaculate, ethereal glory.

Previous material from Adams has been awarded critical acclaim, this EP is no exception.

An ethereal vocalism of leaked track, Seven Birds, sets a poignant tone with harrowing keys, sounding submerged amongst an echoing fuzz of space-age modernism.

This wave of experimental greatness arguably compares to that of Bowie, or at least amongst the lines of the great master that was.

The track is not one to play constantly, it's to be savoured and then devoured when most craved. Commercially apt and sitting high and mighty, Seven Birds highlights the sheer creativity lurking amongst a back-drop of rock'n'roll and pop chart-toppers. It's an alternate world we're very much lucky to experience.

Words Lauren Jones


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