LONDON quartet, ISLES have a support network all around the UK, drawing members from Yorkshire to Cheshire, the sweet dynamic leaves a fantastic taste in the mouths of listeners.

Starting out last year, ISLES are gaining momentum after premièring latest track, Bury Me on Gigslutz last month alongside gigging constantly around the capital.

Creating a similar aura to The Kills, front-woman Amber Price reawakens a moody coo amongst a soothing backdrop of sleepy instrumentals and highly strung vocals.

This shadowing post-punk hypnosis overtly compliments a loud vocalism which softly but eloquently flows with each key change. 

As a largely guitar based number, the track's percussion adds to the alternate rock to proceedings- completely festival-like, upbeat and sturdy.

Undoubtedly proud, Bury Me is ballsy and full of direction, any more material is now highly anticipated.

Words Lauren Jones


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