Flying in from Chicago, Hemmingbirds’ new 4 track E.P, Half A Second, lands somewhere between Taking Back Sunday and The Strokes.

The raw, almost chaotic intro to the first track, after which the E.P is named, immediately peaked my interest.

As the track finds its feet even more it's hard not to notice the Hemmingbirds ‘sound’, something that many artists struggle to get across in an entire back catalogue, is achieved in the first 2 minutes of Half A Second.

This is widely down to the production of the E.P which has a purposeful 'bed-head' aura about it. The production is clearly well thought out and used to great effect, most notably in the simply gorgeous middle section of Stay, creating a charm surrounding three lads playing Indie-Rock Music in their garage.

Stay stood out in particular, the voice of front-man, Yoo Soo Kim, who, throughout the E.P sounds vaguely similar to Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara, really comes into it’s own, with the soaring chorus making for the most emotive part of the tracks, Stay reworks that classic indie rock sound and is timeless for it.

Unfortunately the final track, Lover, You’re Out There felt like an obligatory slow song. Lyrics such as “dancing in the dark” do well to convey the message in an emotional song, as do Kim’s melodies and falsetto but if not for a very nice track, it was nothing more than that.

The theme of this ‘rough’ production, coupled with the unmistakably DIY sense of writing makes for a consistent ride, it'll be interesting to see what else comes from the Hemmingbird camp very soon.
Words Alex Dopierala


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