PREMIERE: AGP's Keeping An Eye Open from new EP, Dark Abba

LIVERPOOL music maestro, Andrew Gordon Parry is at it again - after a year long hiatus, keeping us eager for more, he drops latest 3-track EP, Dark Abba.

Courtesy of Merseyside label, War Room Records,  Dark Abba is available on 20th May, revealing a fantastic journey through synthetic music, opening up a promised land of fuzz and far out ideas.

Although forever the understated, AGP is truly one of Liverpool's reviver of all things ominous and experimental. 

There seems to be a lull in the city at the moment, with people turning to the ever-widening guitar based sounds of psychedelia and grunge, sadly, the experimental is missing out.

Keeping An Eye Open is the second track of the EP, keeping up the distant vocalism and synthetic beats that pivot around the conscious vocals. It is this track where AGP enters your mind, and you can't control it. 

Warming up near the end there is this ever-present progression which yearns throughout, coming to almost a standstill of split second bliss before winding down once more to cut the track dead.

It was hard to decide whether AGP could have ever made a darker offering, alas, proof is in the pudding, we have it here with Dark Abba. 

As part of this mass musical movement, watch out for title track, Dark Abba premiering at and For at our lovely neighbours

Words Lauren Jones


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