Mad Alice release new track, Ball & Maze

AFTER teasing for a couple of months, Ball & Maze is the new, long-awaited release from Liverpool trio, Mad Alice.

Consisting of front-woman, Caitlin Hare, lead guitarist Ryan Lavery and drummer Kraig Shaw, Mad Alice's mean blues rock sound fills a dark void within Liverpool's music scene which has been a constant craving for locals for a few years.

Intimately powerful, Ball & Maze's feisty and tenuous link between fairy-tale and fact beholds an exciting new era for the threesome. 

However slow the introduction sparks, there is a constant electrifying connectivity between the lead guitar and bass-line - the beat following in a simple ripple, coming and going with the changes in tone. 

Vocals like Siouxsie Sioux, Hare explores a beguiling world of enchantment, keeping up the entertainment by a crazed game embedded deep within the lyricism. 

Listen to Ball & Maze below:

Words Lauren Jones


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