Oh, Rose

OH, ROSE - we hear them cry as this Washington foursome stomp past creating mean 'ghost-meat-wave' tunes so spine tingling they're causing the Bermuda Triangle to have a little wiggle.

Starting out over two years ago, these four have a personal touch when dealing with fans of their music - inviting people to gigs via Burrito wrappers being one of their fortes.

Oh, Rose even spoke out a few months back after finding out someone they had worked with was involved in sexual violence towards women and decided to donate all their proceeds to Safe Horizon, a non-profit organisation based in New York which provides support and shelter for victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse.

Now coming back after setting sail to mainland Europe, the four have sofa-surfed their way around, playing shows wherever they could whilst taking in the wider world and spreading the rose love.

Their last EP, Seven possessed beautiful beach tones, think surf rock meets ethereal peace which only ends after an extra martial affair with grunge rock. After only 100 copies being released, it makes it a highly sought after release.

Oh, Rose are most definitely the band of the future, there's no telling where 2016 will take them.

Words Lauren Jones


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