10 Questions with Wild Fruit Art Collective

AS one of Liverpool's latest projects, Wild Fruit Art Collective will be making their home debut at the Buyers Club on Friday 12th August.

Unleashing tracks Fabric and The Rats & The Brass & The Birds one month ago, the band have been busy outside of the city, spreading their wild fruit around.

Speaking to front-man Jamie Roberts, we continue our 10 quick questions week with WFAC.

Where did the idea of WFAC come from?
Wild fruit art collective was formed from the accidental discovery of an electric creative combined force.

What are your roles in the band?
The band is a democracy led structurally, lyrically and vocally by myself.

Who are you listening to?
We are listening to countless groups driven or inspired by miserable or disenfranchising situations.  

Is Liverpool a breeding ground for bad music habits?
Liverpool is a breeding ground for music habits good and bad and both are equally important.

Who can't you stand?
I can't stand intolerant Fuck wits compelled to spread hate.

What is your worst habit?
My worst habit is my compulsion to consume.

Have you got any guilty pleasures?
I find a guilty satisfaction from reality tv.

First CD/RECORD/TAPE bought?
The first CD I bought was nirvanas greatest hits.

The biggest time-waster is...
The biggest time wasters of all time are the clocks.

What are your thoughts on Corbyn?
Corbyn seems like an honourable man and says a lot of things which I agree with, however politics is nuanced and I don't feel educated enough to endorse any of them wholeheartedly.

Words Lauren Jones


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