10 Questions with Mad Alice

THE next 10 quick questions is with blues rock trio, Mad Alice who have a whole new sound of their own coming from various influences and past experiences. Catch them at The Music Manual Presents on Friday 12th August at Buyers Club, Liverpool.

How would you describe Mad Alice?

We'd describe Mad Alice as "Slippery, meat eating evangelist with a mild gluten allergy."

Is there a dominatrix in the band?

Caitlin bought a dog's leash from pound land last week.

What's the dream?

Caitlin and Kraig want to play Glasto, Ryan just wants to go without paying for a ticket.

Have you got any gossip?

Yes, I have a 7" of standing in the way of control.

Who do you look up to?

Zeppelin, Sabbath, Cream, Jack White. Anything immediate.

What will we expect on Friday?

That's up to you.

Trump or Putin?

Putin, obviously.

Is Liverpool the capital of culture?

No comment. There's quid Carlsberg's in the Pilgrim though.

One fact about the band?

We've all done horrible things involving a public bin.

Tell us a joke...

One of us is related to Ringo Starr.

Words Lauren Jones


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