David Brent: Songbook, a candidly hilarious book of chart-toppers.

FIRST introducing David Brent to us in series one of The Office, Ricky Gervais is back with a documentary film, Life On The Road following Brent on his adventures with band, Foregone Conclusion.

Now working as a rep selling cleaning - and ladies personal hygiene products - Brent hasn't lost all hope of hitting the big-time.

Accompanying the film is book, David Brent: Songbook, which is released on 11th August courtesy of Blink Publishing, is the perfect accompaniment for the side-splitting comedy.

Complete with arrangements for piano and guitar and exclusive images of Brent and his life on tour, its commentary is candidly hilarious and so personal, it's as if Brent is right next to you.

Infamous tracks such as Oh La La, featured as part of the learn guitar with Brent series and Paris Nights, first aired during episode four of The Office to comfort Dawn about her relationship but it had an alternative affect once she sussed the track was actually about Princess Diana, also feature within the book.

Personal favourite and never-heard-before track, Thank Fuck It's Friday, had some of the truest lyrics ever written: "This is my day, thank fuck it's Friday." Brent seems to have a soft spot for this track too, saying: "It has a Rolling Stones vibe to it, which really works when you think about it."

A great deal of these tracks were written with the help of ex-Razorlight drummer and now member of Foregone Conclusion, Andy Burrows, and feature a strange allure to the common market whilst tracks have been in the pipeline for almost 30 years.

Containing a lot of irony, especially for newcomers to Brent's allure, it is an easy read and a good way to ease into the character. For the already converted, this is an excellent welcome edition to the Brent collection.

Commenting on the book, Gervais said: "This book is a dream come true for Brent.

"At last, the chance to pontificate about his art and divulge the stories behind such as "Equality Street", "Native American", "Lady Gypsy", "Slough" and "Please don't make fun of the Disableds.

"Even though this is clearly a humour book, the sheet music is real and the songs are insanely catchy and easy to play.

"Go and get the guitar."

With tour dates with the Foregone Conclusion already under his belt, who knows what lies after the Songbook release, we hope this isn't the last we'll see of David Brent.

Be sure to get your copy of David Brent: Songbook for £12.99 here.

Words Lauren Jones


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