10 Questions with DUSST

AHEAD of The Music Manual Presents at The Buyers Club on Friday 12th August, we sent 10 quick questions over to DUSST front-man Joe Atkinson, to let us all know a little bit more about the lads behind the scenes...


There was an early 70’s band called DUST, it was like heavy stoner psych gear … also I wanted something that came up instantly on google and searches rather than searching through all the various dust related things with one S!

Where did you all come from?

I am originally from Middlesbrough, our drummer is from Stockport and our bassist and drummer are from Liverpool, not very exotic I know.

Would you go back to France to tour?

I think we would all love to go do more dates in France, we got treat with a lot of respect and warmth from the french, next time we tour we are thinking about doing Germany and Italy.

Is there an aggravator in the band?

Probably our bassist Drew and me after some wine - possibly Sam if he hasn’t had a smoke, so yeah, pretty much all of us apart from our drummer, it’s normally the other way around haha!

Are you recording new material?

We are recording a four track EP in October and shooting a video in autumn also, really excited about the new material.

What would DUSST merch consist of?

I like the idea of doing pillow cases with some band artwork on, so when people are dream they dream on our pillows.

Do you have a regime that all of the DUSST crew must stick by?

“Big beats are the best, get high all the time.”

Who makes you tick?

I like seeing people work the music industry to their advantage like how Radiohead did and how band like Unknown Mortal Orchestra kind of came out of nowhere after he produced the first two albums himself using only two mic’s. Musically right now we all really like the Allah Las and Dylan is getting a lot of circulation in Drew's car.

What's the maddest genre / sub-genre you can think of?


Do you have any pets?

I have a cat at home called Dusty, nothing to do with the band, when she was a kitten she was nameless and came out from behind a washing machine covered in dust, so Dusty it was!

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Words Lauren Jones


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