Scottish foursome, RITU▲LS set to release debut single on Skeleton Key Records

Voodoo sounds of black magic and witchy spells best sum up new Edinburgh outfit, Rituals.

Recording in their second home, Liverpool's Parr Street Studios, the stage was set to record their debut single, Black River - set to be released courtesy of Skeleton Key Records on 30th September.

Working alongside James Skelly and Richard Turvey, this proven concoction has made this track stand tall above the rest.

Once part other musical projects, more notably The Merrylees, this year spawned the potion to get the four-men back into business with this dark and spooky release.

Rumoured not to be the only track to surface, Black River notably collars influences from the legendary David Bowie to the frank recitals of Nick Cave.

Using kooky keys, front-man Ryan Sandison wraps around Craig McMullen's Dave Davies style chords to make for a satanic psychedelic offering.

A definite Dickensian sound adds a great mischievous streak to their music, with both Drummer, Craig Somerville and Bassist, Lee Brown creating a bone-like rattle throughout Black River, making it the perfect track to whisk us into our favourite Halloween season.

Words Lauren Jones


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