WATCH video to new track from Miniature Tigers, Crying in the Sunshine.

Arizona based foursome, Miniature Tigers, have revealed a brand new video to their latest track, Crying in the Sunshine, taken from new album, I Dreamt I Was a Cowboy courtesy of Yebo Music on October 28.

Giving the track's video it's debut on NOISEY, the band have incorporated their infamous lo-fi pop and given it a refreshing lease of life through its surreal, game-like music video which surrounds main protagonist, the astronaut. 

Megan Doherty, 1/2 of Miniature Tigers video directors said to NOISEY: "Many of the effects and objects you see in the video are actually from an app within the headset called Actiongram, that has a gallery of 3D holograms that you can 'place' in your environment. 

"With this technology we built a story inspired by 'Crying in the Sunshine' around our hero, the astronaut. 

"It was really fun and mind blowing to be able to 'place' this astronaut in the space with us, and shoot around him, just like using a live actor. 

"It feels exciting and fresh to use a new tool to tell a story. It also felt like I was beamed in from the future running around Baltimore with this headset on - I got a lot of curious stares and a lot of questions."

Watch the video here:

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Words Lauren Jones


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