Irish siren Áine Cahill reveals video for new single 'Plastic'

IRISH songstress Áine Cahill is at it again, working her magic on a mysterious video for her latest single Plastic.

The 22-year-old is one of the most exciting talents to come out of last year - her stunning voice captivating audiences at Glastonbury and a sold-out St Pancras Old Church show.

A buzz such as this hasn't been around since artists like Amy Winehouse and Florence and The Machine came about.

Taking inspiration from her deep rooted love of jazz music and all things swing Áine incorporates this old world sound into a modern age of computerised wisdom.

Her last ground-breaking release Black Dahlia - about the life of Elizabeth Short who was brutally murdered in 1947 in Los Angeles - was a heart-wrenching, jaw dropping tale that took in an audience before crushing them with realisation.

With excellent production surrounding her, Áine's beautiful voice graciously compliments the soft bass led single Plastic and its no doubt that this track is on the same angelic level as Black Dahila, making her velvety tone stand tall above the rest.


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