Nikolai Fraiture's Summer Moon drop video for latest track Happenin'

NEW York band Summer Moon have dropped a realist video for their latest track, Happenin'.

Fronted by Strokes bassist, Nikolai Fraiture the collective of artists consist of Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction, Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her and Noah Harmon of Airborne Toxic Event.

This super sturdy group stick two fingers up at what they're 'conformed' to do and just enjoy making music.

Featuring sounds die-hard Strokes fans would be proud of, Summer Moon is a new age band full of gutsy breaths of repetitive vocals and heavy electronic inputs.

Set in a backdrop of urban sprawl and depravity the video looks to a world of up and coming hope and aspirations.

Taken from their upcoming debut album, With You Tonight, which will be released on February 24, Happenin' is a salute to all those who love indie hits and fall head over heels for garage rock revival.

Speaking about the video, Nikolai Fraiture said: "The chorus of 'Happenin'' is a mantra that is helpful especially during these crazy times in the US and the world.

"The video being one continuous shot speaks to the effect that events have on our perception of time - and that the only control we have is how we react to them. Sam Evans' stand-out performance embodies the lyrical dichotomy of being fed up, having a strong urge to change things and being a helpless bystander."

Video director, Joel Knoernschild said: "I've been a fan of the Strokes since Is This It, so collaborating with Nikolai on 'Happenin'' was incredibly exciting.  As with most music videos, they're mini-hurricanes of creative intensity and with 'Happenin'', things fell right into place.  

"Sam Evans, our lead flew in from Alabama the night before and met us with a smile in one of the nastiest alley's in Downtown Los Angeles.  We shot numerous takes of Sam "ghost riding" his bike, dancing and doing flips to get this "one shot" just right.  Nikolai also appears in the video, walking down the street in the opening."


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