Aussie Essie to release new rock'n'roll single 'Someone'

AUSTRALIAN rock'n'roller Essie will drop new single Someone on Friday March 31 off the back of some interesting witchery.

Her debut EP Run Red and single Sugar Rush drew on an earthy mix of influences from The Black Keys, Gin Wigmore and Eskimo Joe.

Re-routing to London two years ago Essie decided to pursue a career in one of the most trying industries in the globe - music.

Now her latest single, recorded at The Animal Farm studios in south London with Jamie Dodd, sums up her university days and by her own admission is a 'typical break-up story'.

Taking ideas from the Arctic Monkey's latest offering AM Essie wants her raw sound to be as crooked as possible. 

Simple growling guitar riffs and punchy drums summarise Essie's quaintly punkish vocals mixing with jacked up intros confidently.

Watch the video for 'Someone' below:


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