Liverpool's AbiChan in 'funkadelic' live debut at The Magnet

RIPPING out your heart with quirky lyrics and heart-stopping beats, Liverpool's latest super-group AbiChan took to the Magnet stage for their debut show.

Like a nineties school disco smoke machine overkill and purple spotlights highlighted members of the audience. 

Crammed in the basement the crowd pushed closer to the stage to see front-woman Abi Harding take to the stage.

Weaving her way through the circus surroundings all eyes were on her. 

Stepping in the spotlight she held onto the mic, bracing herself to begin with an almighty note.

Her band - Tim Cunningham, Jim SharrockRiley Broudie and Shannon Bamford complimented the ex-Zuton's saxophonist. 

The night belonged to her, the perfect front-woman. 

Shrieking fans of old and new shape-shifted around the dance-floor to soulful, funky grooves.

When her debut song Whispers got its live airing there was pandemonium. 

People jived and mouthed the lyrics as Abi sung her heart out to refreshing pop-rock tunes.

The end arrived as quickly as the set begun, the audience wanted more.

Hopeful for more material and live dates in coming months AbiChan is a force to be reckoned with.


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