Liverpool label Modern Sky UK to release 10" vinyl sampler

TO CHRISTEN the launch of new Liverpool based label Modern Sky UK a 10" vinyl sampler will reveal some of the best talent the label has already been lucky to snap up.

Sister to Modern Sky Beijing the sampler from the UK label will pave the way for a string of northern signings adding to the already ever-growing roster of artists at the Modern Sky helm.

Featuring local fan favourites such as FUSS and Pixey the vinyl offers an insight into the world of other bands Catholic Action and Violet Youth.

Available to stream via Spotify the four-track release will also run a limited edition heavyweight 10" vinyl on a range of different coloured sleeves.

The script on the front of the sleeve will be written in braille to symbolise leading the blind into the light.

Chief executive of Modern Sky and head honcho at Sound City David Pichilingi said: "The ethos of our label is to bring back a strong sense of love, passion and deeply sarcastic humour into everything we do.

"From the music through to the typography.

"In a world of mediocrity we want to be a beacon for the right kind of artists and bands."


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