Isle of Wight's Lauran Hibberd to release nu-folk track Old Head Young Shoulders

ISLE of Wight's 19-year-old wonder Lauran Hibberd is set to release her latest single 'Old Head Young Shoulders' into a sea of blossoming compliments.

Out on September 1, 'Old Head Young Shoulders' skews Lauran's love of literature with her ethereal vocals and oh-so delicate guitar style.

For fans of Laura Marling or Lucy Rose, the cutesy sound of Lauran is a step in a new direction for nu-folk tapping on an innocently soft set of poetic lyrics and lightly dashed instrumental with a hint of vintage sparkle.

Supported by music giants such as Radio X and BBC Radio 1, the track has become the ode to every teenager growing up in a dream bubble.

Talking about the release Lauran said: "To me ‘Old Head Young Shoulders’ is all about losing touch with my youth and the shelter that comes with it.

"It was one of the first songs I ever wrote, and definitely one of the most honest.

"I wrote it at a time, where I had no idea what I was feeling, no idea where I was heading and certainly no idea what life was actually all about."


  1. Lauran Hibberd is a true inspiration to all the young ladies and guys in the field of music. That's some good news from her side and I wish her best of luck for her first single track.