Llandudno songstress Nia Wyn releases new track 'Northern No Soul Town'

LLANDUDNO songstress Nia Wyn released her latest blues-hip-hop track Northern No Soul Town on Friday, September 8.

Creating a unique sound Nia uses her remarkable vocals to tell simple tales of day-to-day life while embracing her love of all things soul.

Clearly expressing similarities to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Duffy, Nia adds her own swing to things, reworking genres to fit her feelings.

Her honest lyricisms have reached the likes of Paul Weller, Fred Perry and BBC Introducing, while picking up a steady stream of fans from across the UK.

It takes a few listens to appreciate the extent and prowess of Northern No Soul Town.

At first, the introduction feels out of place but just one press of that repeat button and this clever sound ripples through society, a real working class gem.

Nia's ability to appeal to the masses with Northern No Soul Town cradles the future of alternative soul.


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