Ryan Adams returns to Manchester for sell-out performance

WALKING on stage in a sea of mist and incense - along with a ton of junk, Ryan Adams coolly took the mic in his hands and began serenading in a way he only knows how.

The UK leg of his Prisoner tour kicked off in Dublin and a couple of nights later he arrived in sunny Manchester.

Back in January, Ryan had been spotted at famous music shop Johnny Roadhouse on Oxford Road and rumours began of a secret gig - not a moment longer and there it was, a show in the Soup Kitchen playing to a crowd of 200.

His visit back to the UK also prompted a hilarious Twitter conversation with hit TV soap Coronation Street, which Ryan is a fan of.

Outside the Apollo, touts flashed wodges of tickets in faces while sellers set up make-shift stalls along the way of knock-off merch.

Arriving a little late, the venue was bustling and singing along to support act Karen Elson.

The sold-out crowd of 3,500 was treated to 27 tracks of pure heartache, desire and admiration.

Minor technical difficulties were sure to halt the show, but not for Ryan and his crew.

They carried on, and it was hardly noticeable after already getting too involved with the masterful instrumental's being thrown about.

Opening with the class hit, Do You Still Love Me, the audience rocked with each poisoned flick of the tongue and grasped at the exaggerated 'Babe' after each line.

With Halloweenhead parked near the middle, the track sped things and peaked interest from older fans.

There's no real guessing what audience will turn up for Mr Adams, you have the young, old - kids with parents, parents with friends, teens, loved up mid-twenties couples, middle aged singletons and grandparents.

Manchester set-list 
Crowd members throwing drunken splurges at stage, Ryan paused and we saw his comical side.

"Go home dad, you're drunk!" He replied.

Tracks like When The Stars Go Blue, Broken Anyway and Come Pick me Up solemnly sulked in a sweet lullaby tinted gaze of blue lights.

Every show from Ryan on this tour has a varied set-list ensuring each show is never the same.

Rare inputs of speech from the 42-year-old ensure the show is all about the back catalogue however he couldn't help having some say before the build up to I Just Might; "I think the ending is shockingly overproduced and you're going to love it."

The night ended with broad smiles and a swift exit.

A night of old meets new in a non-complicated way.


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