Liverpool's Pale Rider reveal debut single 'I Run On Rain'

ONE of Liverpool's hottest bands Pale Rider have just done their time at Parr Street Studio, crafting their debut single 'I Run On Rain'into a masterpiece.

The quartet's far-out sound eats away at the pulped brains of the city's well worn music scene, picking up the could-be's and the would-be's as they take on venues one by one.

Lapping up their gnarly rock'n'roll noise, the city's in-crowd can't get enough of this hotly tipped specimen.

Their debut, I Run On Rain is a space-age fuzz, melting away at the 'norm' expected by alt listeners.

There's no happy endings or jovial guitars as this is real life. True grit and despair.

A distant vocal from frontman Ben Russell offers a smooth passageway into a cloudy instrumental from lead guitarist Fran Codman and bassist Louis Dutton, offering a drug-induced state of subconscious revival.

When complete with drummer Sophie Thompson's burgeoning beat, there's a smoke screen applied, sending audiences into a trance-like state.

One thing notable about Pale Rider is that they're reliable - on stage, their tracks flow from the recordings, using the feel of the room to offer an escape from real-world troubles and to tumble into a world of unknown bliss.

Recorded and mixed at Parr Street Studios by Chris Taylor I Run On Rain numbs the pain of the hardest of hearts and creates a new dawn for Liverpool's music.

Listen to I Run On Rain via Spotify:


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