Doc'n Roll Festival back in Liverpool to premiere eight music documentaries

DOC'N ROLL Festival returns to Liverpool for the third time with a programme of eight premiere films.

Set up in 2013 and supported by BFI Doc'n Roll Films Ltd is a music documentary production, distribution and exhibition company unique in the UK.

Launching the film fest in 2014, the team finally got to show the under-the-radar music films that are ignored by film programmers.

Complete with artist and filmmaker Q&As, DJ sets and live music all add to the fantastic cinematic experience.

From March 28 to April 1, Liverpool will welcome the festival with open arms to the British Music Experience and the Picturehouse at FACT.

For the first time Liverpool's own Merseybeat heroes The Big Three will be spotlighted in depth in Todd Kipp's Some Other Guys - The Story of The Big Three.

A series of films will be showcased focused on subjects including Liverpool's music scene in the 60s, American grunge punk rockers L7, Ella Fitzgerald, jazz icon John Coltrane, The The, the techno underground of Iran, Manchester's electronic scene and the lack of female representation in the music industry.

Co-director and programmer Colm Forde said: "I'm delighted to bring Doc'n Roll back to Liverpool for its third edition this March.

"Across our six-day programme, we're premiering nine music docs covering the genres of rock, electronic, jazz and post-punk, while stirring up discussion on the subjects via post-screening Q&As from the filmmakers and their musical accomplices."

Doc’n Roll is supported by the BFI using funds from the National Lottery to grow audience appetite and enjoyment for a wide range of independent British and international films.

The full schedule is:

  • Wednesday, March 28 from 7pm @ Lovelocks Cafe (L1 6ER)

The Liverpool premiere of  L7: Pretend We're Dead, directed by Sarah Price.

  • Thursday, March 29 from 7.30pm @ British Music Experience 

The Liverpool premiere of  Manchester Keeps On Dancing directed by Javi Senz, complete with Q&A with film's producer and DJ Greg Wilson.

  • Thursday, March 29 from 8.30pm @ Picturehouse at FACT 

The Liverpool premiere of The Inertia Variations directed by Johanna St Michaels plus a Skype Q&A with Matt Johnson.

  • Friday, March 30 from 7.30pm @ British Music Experience and Sunday, April 1 at Picturehouse at FACT

The UK premiere of Some Other Guys - The Story of the Big Three directed by Todd Kipp plus a Q&A. A look back at Liverpool's vibrant music scene in the 1960s, centered around the rise and fall of The Big Three.

  • Friday, March 30 from 8.30pm @ Picturehouse at FACT 

The Liverpool premiere of Raving Iran directed by Susanne Regina Meures plus Q&A with director.

  • Saturday, March 31 from 2.30pm @ Picturehouse at FACT

The Liverpool premiere of  Play Your Gender directed by Stephanie Clattenburg plus a live Q&A.

  • Saturday, March 31 from 4.30pm @ Picturehouse at FACT 

The Liverpool premiere of Pure Love: The Voice of Ella Fitzgerald directed by Katja Duregger.

  • Sunday, March 31 from 1pm @ Picturehouse at FACT 

The Liverpool premiere of Chasing 'Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary directed by John Scheinfield.

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