VIDEO: Liverpool's Pale Rider release video for debut I Run On Rain

Peter Goodbody
JUMPING into Liverpool's music cooking pot, hotly tipped rockers Pale Rider have offered a new wave of guitar music for the city.

Made up of front-man Ben Russell, lead guitarist Fran Codman, bassist Louis Dutton and drummer Sophie Thompson, Pale Rider are very much still in their infancy, with just five gigs to their name.

Their debut single I Run On Rain was recorded with producer Chris Taylor - a huge feat for the quartet just starting out. 

In their latest pinnacle move, the foursome dropped their mind-bending music video, directed by Freakbeat Films' Dan Hewitson on March 6.

Filmed for single namesake I Run On Rain, the distorted VHS footage follows the band on their adventures across the city, including live shows and escapades to popular dives such as The Swan and The Jacaranda.

Mimicking their whirlwind sound, the video has been created to offer an insight to the ever darkening world of Pale Rider, marking a new dawn for modern day rock'n'roll.

It's hardly scuzz, neither is it surf, but it is something much greater.

There's no constrictions of a genre and Pale Rider's creativity is a force to be reckoned with.

"The song came from thinking about lyricism, or art in general as an objective thing, and how we decide what is profound and remarkable and what isn’t," says Ben

"‘Confidence in the nonsense... a meaning in the nothing’ was born from this idea. 

"The verses are kind of like a surreal tongue-in-cheek play on this concept, and are sang with gusto and conviction to imply some hidden meaning.

"I think the video, all VHS footage from our recent escapades, are a good indication of how frenzied and deranged our stage show’s becoming."

It's hard to pinpoint where it all went right for these four but it's only up from here.

Catch Pale Rider live at The Shipping Forecast supporting Phobophobes on Thursday, March 15.


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