Violette host Studio Electrophonique plus guests at Scandinavian Church

Studio Electrophonique

IN a middle of a threat to life weather warning we found ourselves wandering through the Baltic Triangle to reach the Gustav Adolf Scandinavian Church.

Seeking refuge inside the dome shaped place of worship with our blue carrier bag of booze we took a pew on the back row next to a heater.

We arrived early and took in the beauty that surrounded us for this extra special sell-out Violette Records show.

The church was adorned with tea-lights in glass jam-jars dotted around the pillars.

Warmth circulated the venue as familiar friendly faces passed through and also took their seats.

Matthew Loughlin Day
Opening the evening was Shipbuilder's front-man Matthew Loughlin Day who aired his solo-work to the observant audience.

It was a refreshing change to hear different material such as Going to the Well.

Next it was Steve Pilgrim, co-founder of Be One Percent, the original drummer of The Stands and he has even worked with the likes of Paul Weller and John Power.

He came with a warning us that he had just been stuck in a car for eight hours travelling back home from Woking.

Pilgrim also talked about his work with double bass legend Danny Thompson and performed tracks such as Morning Skies and Beautiful Blue.

Then it was time for headline act Studio Electronique.

If like I, you live your life day-dreaming, Studio Electrophonique is the perfect soundtrack for you.

Steve Pilgrim
It's solo musical venture from James Leesley which he described as music created by a semi-fictional band.

Sounding akin to Bill Ryder-Jones and Alex Turner's soundtrack to Submarine, Leesley's debut elp album 'Buxton Palace Hotel' is masterful.

Fairy lights spelling out Electrophonique were placed in front of his keyboard - he pointed out to the audience that this had taken a painstakingly long time to create and that it's a nightmare to transport.

Walking through the middle of the pews from the back of the church to a cabaret-like instrumental, Leesley sat down at his keys.

He moved between his set from keys to guitar performing his gentle musical catalogue, opening his set with You Had Me Hanging On.

Songs such as I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore and Ill With You showcase Leesley's self-proclaimed hopeless romantic persona.

All the tracks featured had been recorded at his home studio in Sheffield, purely for the love of making words fit melodies and melodies fit chords and he captures all of this on his tape machine.

A special moment when was he covered In My Room by the late-great Liverpool legend Jimmy Campbell and features on his 1970 album Half Baked. Leesley told the audience how he originally thought it was by Billy Fury but had been corrected.

Leesley ended the set on Jayne. A beautifully crafted track which I would say is probably my favourite from Buxton Palace Hotel.

It's not only touched me but fellow Sheffield music maestro Richard Hawley even invited Leesley to open for his band in London and Holmfirth in May 2019 after hearing the beguiling track.

If you spot Studio Electrophonique on a poster, be sure to check him out at a gig better still, listen to Buxton Palace Hotel via Spotify by clicking here.


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