10 of my most listened to covers

I love listening to other artists covering other people's songs, it really shows how indiviual an artist is and can strip back any unnatural noises, making the cover that little bit more special. In conclusion to my love of cover sessions here is a quick top 10 of my favourites at the moment.

1. The Horrors - Suffragette City

2. Jake Bugg - Folsom Prison Blues

3. Miles Kane - Rainbow Woman

4. Kasabian - She Loves You

5. Two Door Cinema Club - The Cave

6. Florence and the machine - I Heard it through the grapevine

7. Oasis - Hide Your Love away

8. Arctic Monkeys - Take it or Leave it

9. Everything Everything - What's my name

10. Eugene McGuinness - Blue Jeans

Now, okay it's only a quick top ten but they're great quality covers and listen to them when you have the time as I promise they're the best music has to offer.


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