Guest blogger, Umid - Tales of George review

Tales of George is an English indie rock band. Formed in 2008 in Brighton, UK the band currently consists of Terence Wing (rhythm guitar, vocals), Daniel Simons (lead guitar), James Langridge (bass) and Mitch Brock (drums). The first song I ever heard of them totally got me. It's a very simple and rock-ish tune. Their songs have got something of earlier The Vines and Arctic Monkeys songs. Especially the voice and lyrics of lead singer Terence Wing gives that band something special. All in all, T.O.G. is that kind of band that you either like or hate at the first listen. In my case it was, thankfully, the like that got me into them.

 Unfortunately, they are still without any record label so they are rather unknown. Even I accidentally stumbled across one of their videos while looking for some new bands to listen to:

They are currently touring in the South of the UK while working on new songs. My favorite songs are definitely ''Stutter'' and ''Brickwall'' but also acoustic songs like ''Red Eyes at Midnight'' are giving me the chill.

Tales of George are worth a listen so you should give them a try and check them out on Youtube or on their official Facebook page.

Note from Lauren;
I'd like to thank Umid for this fantastic review and can't wait to hear more from this fantastic group.

You can follow Umid on tumblr here


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