An Interview with Dominic McGuinness, Swanton Bombs

A new talent is rising through the music scene, bringing us a fantastic rock-rhythm sound, this talent, Swanton Bombs.

Swanton Bombs consist of four lads from Essex, (Dominic McGuinness, Brendan Heaney, Adrian Acolatse and Dominic John) of whom create outstanding guitar riffs and a deep rhythm which cleverly brings attention to the imagination of all listeners, creating a great general buzz around the group.

I took time, at the Music Manual, to ask lead vocalist, Dominic McGuinness, a few questions about this eye-opening new sound.

Your new music has a different tone to your early work such as Viktoria and Crowbar, have other influences changed your view on music?

I think getting the 2 new members in the band (Adrian Acolatse on bass and Dominic John on guitar) have made a massive difference. It really frees me up and makes way for more music in the tune. The old influences will always inspire what we write. Obvious bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Strokes, Kings Of Leon. But naturally over time and with the new members I've been exposed to a wealth of new music I never knew about. Or never knew I'd be in to. Like Sly and The Family Stone, Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly, N.E.R.D, Link Wray, Kraftwerk, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, The Horrors. it goes on.

Are there any bands at the moment which you're in to?

I was recently introduced to Temples. Really enjoying their recordings at the minute. Filthy Boy are great too. Death Rays of Ardilla as well. I try to keep up to date with what Odd Future are doing but they have so much stuff. It's all great though.

What inspires you to write songs as strong as Venom and Soulscreamer?

It's all nonsense really. As long as the guitar riff feels cool and the lyrics sound alright I'll bring it to the band practise. I like listening to motown tunes and jazz standards. I find a lot of valuable stuff in there to steal.

What's the best part of being in Swanton Bombs, live performances, recording?

At the moment I'd say the live performances. We still haven't got any fans and now and then when we impress strangers it's a very encouraging feeling.

How much more of you will we be seeing in the future? Anything to look out for?

Hopefully loads. But these things take time. We'll be recording a single very soon and at a wild guess I'd like to think it'd be out before the end of the year. But who knows.

Is there a new album in the pipeline?

I've been writing almost non stop since the last album, mostly crap but there are tunes here and there that will easily make up an album, we'll carry on writing up until we've pencilled in the studio time for the album anyway, that's a long way away though. The plan is to release a few singles.

Have you learnt anything in touring with Eugene*?

For Eugene I play keyboards and synth. So I miss my guitar. I relish any opportunity I get to play it. however playing more keyboards has meant that I've been writing a lot more at it. More than ever. The gigs I do with Eugene are a totally new experience. We've supported Miles Kane, Marina and the Diamonds, Cher Lloyd, Anna Calvi. Been on French TV, live radio sessions, some festivals, video shoots. I'm very lucky to have a back seat and see it all unfold for Eugene. Eugene had a very similar role in Miles Kane's band for a while. Now I'm doing it in Eugene's band. I've toured loads before when my band used to be a 2 piece. But those tours were usually made up of gigs at venues where nobody turned up. I'm learning how to do it properly now.

Any live dates expected in the near future?

I'm afraid not. We're going to get this single sorted out very soon and then we'll get the ball rolling.

And finally, Where would you see yourself in 10 years, still involved in music?

I hope so. Ten years time I'll be 33. A magnolian mansion in Essex would be alright.

I'd like to thank Dominic and Oh Mercy management for the fantastic interview!

As I said above, Swanton Bombs are a great asset to music and I know you'll be hearing a lot more of them very soon, you can hear more of them here;

give them a like on facebook, alternatively listen here and get a free download of Venom!

Make sure you give them a listen, I promise, you will not regret it.

*Please note when refering to Eugene, Eugene McGuinness


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