Punk-Rock musicians (1975-1979)

I'm personally in love with the punk-rock era of the late 70's. The music created was simply genius, taking that into account I've compiled a few of the bands from that era and shoved them into this whopping playlist for you all to enjoy.

The Undertones 
Band rating: 10/10
There is not one song I dislike. They're perfection to the ears and a real gem. Love 'em
Best song:
 My Perfect Cousin

Band Rating: 9/10
Saw them live, not in their hay day, yet they still have what it takes. 
Best song;
Ever Fallen in Love

The Clash 
Band Rating; 7/10
Best song:
Tommy Gun

The Cramps 
Band Rating; 7/10
My dads favourite band growing up, passed the love onto me, genuinely feel like damaging everything in sight when listening to them, fits the punk cliché? 
 Best song;
Human Fly

Dead Kennedys 
Band rating; 8/10
Only really just got into them but I can tell I'm going to be a lifelong fan from now on.
Best song;
Holiday in Cambodia

Elvis Costello and the Attractions
I saw Elvis Costello in Liverpool once. Ha ha.
Best song;
Pump it Up

Sex Pistols
Band rating: 7/10
Some days I love them, some days I dislike them, I'm liking them today.
Best song:
God Save The Queen

The Vibrators 
Band Rating:5/10
Best song;
Baby Baby

Sham 69 
Band rating;8/10
Best Song:
 If the Kids are United

The Ruts
Band Rating; 4/10
Best Song; 
Staring at the Rude Boys

The Screamers 
Band rating; 3/10
Best song;
Peer Pressure

Joy Division 
Band rating; 9/10
Best Song;
She's lost Control

Teenage Head
Band Rating; 5/10
Best Song;

Like I said earlier, these are my personal choices, they may not be the same as everyone else's opinions, but, take what I say on board, who knows, you may agree with me! If you haven't heard any of these bands, I'd advise you to listen as you'll take a lot more in about the punk-rock era and develop a love for them. 
They'll always have a place in my record collection and should too, in yours. 

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