Parlour Flames

MANCHESTER has given us timeless offerings of fantastic musicians, most we wish would remain within the music industry for forever. So comes a joyous exclamation when we hear of Vinny Perculiar (Alan Wilkes) and Bonehead's (Paul Arthurs) brand new venture, one to keep the eardrums happy for a little while longer.

This new phenomenon brings back Manchester's musical roots, really gripping onto modern-day life with a delightful psychedelia rainbow flowing through the melodic finger-tips of the beholders.

Their debut, self-titled album brought a definite silence to everything else I had planned to do in a day. I had to worship the full potential of the dream-like music leaving my laptop and cradling my whole persona. I gained such a personal response from each track, nothing will ever well and truly feel the same, you're completely engulfed by the hypnotic waves accumulating from the speakers.

From the album, my tracks to watch have to be 'Get In The Van', 'Pop Music Football & Girls' and 'Sunday Afternoon.' Each possessing their own personality. Take 'Sunday Afternoon',  a fantastic brass formation creates an afternoon tea-esque feeling, sitting in a park eating your cucumber sandwiches, when has a track ever made you want to take on the world whilst imagining a picnic?

'Pop Music Football & Girls' has an extreme easy-listening feel to its being. A track of which you can gain advice from whilst foot-tapping to its lullaby-esque beat,  closing your eyes to the lulling vocals and guitar strokes tinted with graceful piano keys pressing into your frown lines. Joyously melancholic yet fantastically created, made with tender love and care.

Parlour Flames have definitely proved that no matter what you've created in your past, you can still create fresh and blissful music, putting their own mark on a seemingly closed book. Well I can tell you now Parlour Flames are here to stay,  give this fantastic interview a read and become acquainted with the brand spanking new sound sweeping the nation...

Thanks for agreeing to this interview! I'll start of by asking, how did the whole Parlour Flames idea come about?

We'd been friends for a few years and always said we'd like to do something together - an opportunity arose last year, our original plan was to make a Stooges style EP with Mike Joyce on drums but it didn't work out like that, we ended up pooling ideas and songs and in no time had enough material for an album

You release your debut album on May 20th, what kind of stuff are we going to be hearing from this instalment?

It's a lyrical song based album with some psychedelic touches, there are elements of old school Bonehead guitars, it's not a rock album as such, the songs are pretty accessible we like to think, they tell their own stories..

Do you feel as if you have introduced yourselves to new genres within the music industry of which you both have previously not worked within?

Dub Step has yet to make an impression on the songwriting, but we both like to explore new sounds, new bands. We are currently enjoying TOY & FOALS

How do you know if a track sounds good in your opinion?

We go around the houses looking for that particular answer, there is no formula, how it feels and if it has feel is important, being in tune also helps...

What's your favourite track to play live?

Vinny I'm in a Band.

Bonehead Broken Hearted Existentialist.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Vinny  I tend to pace the room a little, well a lot actually, for ten minutes or so before we go on -

Bonehead  Quick cigarette and I'm ready to go.

How's the support from your fans been so far?

People seem to be liking it, the reaction to the album has been great so far and live shows also well received, we just played the Album Launch party gig at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester with extended line up, Bob Marsh on trumpets and Jane Weaver on vocals, great night.

Where do you think holds the best opportunities to get your music heard?

It's important to hit as many bases as possible, hopefully Radio will take to it but you never can tell - as for best opportunities we love to play live, so we'll be focussing a lot more on that over the summer, festivals included with European dates scheduled for October/November.

Looking back, would you have liked to start this new venture earlier within your music careers?

No I think we're happy with the way its panned out, no point is contemplating it any other way really...

Are festivals something you would be interested in?

Yes we are playing several over the summer including Glastonbury, Bestival and Secret Garden Party.

What is the direction now for the Parlour Flames ?

We will be recording our second album when we have down time from touring, probably in the summer.

Any advice for new musicians just starting out in the industry?

Enjoy making music, let that be the primary reward, push hard for success but don't make that the ultimate prize at all costs, be nice to people.

I'd like to thank Parlour Flames for this great interview! Get listening, you're in for a treat.

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