New Orleans rapper, Pell, released his second studio album, LIMBO on 6th November, following the success of his 2014 album Floating While Dreaming.

The rapper, who describes his music as ‘experimental soul’, said on his Youtube channel that when recording LIMBO he was: “Making a quilt of a bunch of different sounds and piecing them together in a beautiful array of emotions that are showing me finding myself through the music.”

The album opens with superior track, Monday Morning, perhaps a homage to The Velvet Underground, an upbeat tune with carefree vibes and a chorus of harmonies.

Almighty Dollar features a heavy dose of auto-tune, rivalling even Yeezy himself, who Pell admits is a major influence in his music. Strong beats and synth sounds unite perfectly with fast verses and a concise delivery.

Another favourite, Queso features a heavy Latin American rhythm, the chorus declares “I got that mula mula!”, but the sensual lyrics in the verses add a spin, preparing for The Wild.

With a moving piano solo, similar style to that of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’. The beats and rapping are gradually introduced in layers, and the track peaks with each poignant chorus. Pell raps about his worries and innermost thoughts, declaring himself “lost in the wild”. The sincere lyrics combined with the melancholy chords are what make this song one of the best of the album.

LIMBO depicts the fantastic evolution of rapper Pell after his debut album - he is definitely worth listening to if you enjoy artists such as Casey Veggies, A$AP Rocky, and Childish Gambino.

Words by Vanessa Wheeler


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